Did you wonder why I can’t keep Youtube videos playing when I close the app? How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android? How to Keep Playing a YouTube Video on Android. Here is a solution for that! PlayOver aka PlayTube comes to solve this issue.

PlayTube comes now with new design and yet more powerful features under the name of PlayOver!

Do you want to watch and listen to nice quality youtube videos non stop and keep them playing even when you are using the application?

Do you want to have your own playlists and manage them, shuffle them and play them non stop like your device music player?

So this app is made for you 🙂
PlayOver aka PlayTube is a YouTube client offering you plenty of fun and a nice user experience to look for videos and watching them and many other powerfull options :

✓A modern looking Player with next, previous, pause, play and shuffle buttons, switching automatically to the next video.
✓Play nice quality YouTube videos optimised with your internet connection.
✓Keeping the videos playing in a floating window
✓Searching Youtube videos and playlists and sorting them by views, rating or publish date
✓Create,delete, change and play your own playlists and add many videos to them
✓Share videos with your friends
✓Play fullscreen videos
✓See current playing list from your player, and switch between videos easily!

Download the app now and enjoy Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style and all your favorite videos with good quality and non-stop!


All the streamed YouTube videos are copyrighted to their publishers
This application does not download YouTube videos.
This application does not display videos that were restricted by their publishers
Please be carefull when you are not on WIFI for extra fees that you may pay for the over use of your internet connection when you stream many videos on internet.

Share with me what you think about the app I will be glad to read all your comments and suggestions! (◕‿◕)♡

get it on the google play store button

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