Apply new type of artistic pro vintage cam and color art effects on your photos, with particles, dust filter and polaroid light leaks!

Add a pro touch to your pics without any pro photography skills. Snap awesome photos with neon lights leaks; rainbow and mixed colors shades and vintage cam effect.
Here we go, let’s do it with your device and transform it to a professional photo lab and make your photos look so pro!


MeArta Pics : art and filters pic editor is an easy to use photo editing app; it comes with plenty of color art blending effects, polaroid light leaks, twinkle and neon effects. You can give a retro cam vintage cam sparkling touch to your photos, add some shiny hearts, some artistic smoke some burning love… some passion some crazy art colors and shades some effects that reflect your mood, your beautiful memories, that make the moment unforgettable.

Did you miss your old disposable camera ? The old photo effects of the years 1967 and 1998 ? The old photo film cam effects ? Then MeArta Pics : art and filters pic editor might be the best camera app for you to take you back to 1998 with vintage photo effects!

——✿—— MeArta Pics : art and filters pic editor features ——✿——:
✦Discover plenty of new type of art and glitter effects you might not have seen anywhere else
✦Get inspired by what effects are trending around
✦Add glowing cinematic camera effect, disposable camera effect, neon hearts, butterflies, flowers, love words, lights, sparkle, twinkle , glitter, shine, smoke, fire, polaroid filter to your pictures
✦Play with colors, make your photos a mind blowing mix of blue purple pink green shades like a star
✦Add artistic pencil sketch and felt touch to your selfie and photos
✦Add bokeh grain, dust filter, light leak, rainbow light overlay, retro cam vintage cam filters, cinematic camera effect to your pics
✦Add sparkling particle grains, rainbow effects, glitter to your selfies and photos
✦Save your favorite photo effects to your own pro photo lab
✦Search effects and filters by hashtags
✦Share your photos with your friends easily

——✿—— MeArta – pics art and filters pic editor community ——✿——:
MeArta free old photo editor is more fun with friends, snap the best photos, add some magic touch to them with MeArta Pics : art and filters pic editor free photo editing app and tag us in your stories and posts on instagram we will be glad to hear from you. Our instagram account is @mearta_app follow us as well on our twitter and sanpchat accounts!

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